Bill solves client problems in both complex transactions and litigation, and also is a seasoned mediator and arbitrator.

Bill’s 50 years of involvement with law and legal practice, including more than 15 years as a Judge of the Arizona Court of Appeals, gives him the extensive background and experience needed to provide his clients with objective and thoughtful advice to resolve their issues.

He oversees real estate and business transactions, financing and their litigation. Bill has represented developers and builders in financing, construction, operation and sale of their products – apartments, single-family houses, condominiums and office complexes – including litigation concerning their developmental and operational stages. He also has negotiated and documented multi-million dollar property, construction, acquisition financing, property sales, business loans and complex business transactions.

Bill handles education law and civil rights defense, business entity formation, and helps individual clients with estate and succession planning. Bill has provided governmental entities legal support, including prosecuting and defending eminent domain actions.