“Success in business and real estate comes in many forms. My goal is to help my clients define and achieve their visions of success.”

Chris’s clients benefit not only from his skill as an attorney, but also from his first-hand investment and business experience. Before becoming an attorney, Chris provided hands-on renovation and property management for real estate investors and syndicated private loans and real estate investment deals.

Today, his practice involves helping clients overcome their business and real estate challenges and achieve their goals. With his experience in accounting, corporate, non-profit, and bankruptcy areas, Chris offers his clients a practical, business approach to solving problems.

When he’s not helping clients or spending time with family, Chris enjoys being in the garage working on dirt bikes and sports cars that he races in regional race series. He is also the acting treasurer for the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona, Inc., a non-profit that works with local and national organizations on public land use planning and policy.