As your business grows, we are there to assist and provide legal counsel at every step.

In helping a client start a new business venture, we first seek to understand the client’s goals, the purposes of the business, and concept of the ownership structure so we can suggest a structure that best fits the client’s needs. Considerations such as ownership, management structure, levels of control and taxes are key. We have considerable experience in forming, organizing, and financing legal entities under Arizona law, Delaware law, and Nevada law.

As proactive legal counsel, we discuss matters such as shareholder (buy-sell) agreements, dispute resolution provisions, key-man insurance, and other considerations for small business owners. For emerging growth companies, we guide our clients through preferred stock structures and rights, voting and investor rights agreements and agreements related to stock transfers and rights of first refusal. Working through such issues at the outset helps to smooth the way for later transitions and changes in corporate structure and ownership interests that almost inevitably occur.

As the business grows, we are there to assist and provide legal counsel at every step, as new investors and expanding board sizes raise more complex governance issues. Because of RL&L’s broad corporate and commercial transaction practice, we also represent and advise a variety of boards and management groups in the public and private sectors, including tax exempt organizations. This representation includes advising directors, officers and managers of their fiduciary duties, and we routinely provide governance training to various boards and management groups.