We Understand Client Objectives and Budgeting

When it comes to legal bills, the adage of “the best surprise is no surprise” holds true. No one likes unexpectedly high bills. The days of presenting clients with a large bill simply described as “For Services Rendered” are long gone. We know you deserve more.

Our experienced litigators have worked on and tried practically every type of commercial dispute possible, and our experienced transactional team has also done practically every kind of deal that can be done. The partners in our intellectual property group, for example, have all served as general counsel for companies. These same attorneys also handle the intricacies of intellectual property development and licensing, as well as complex venture capital transactions and private capital financing. Minimizing the number of attorneys involved in any given matter significantly reduces legal fees because it eliminates inter-office conferences and time required to bring other attorneys “up to speed”.

Our goal is to eliminate inefficiencies at all levels that do not result in value to clients.

Our goal is to have every dollar billed result in at least one dollar of value to our clients.

When firms handle a matter as though they are spending their own money, it changes everything.