We help sift through complex rules and regulations regarding Government Contracts.

Federal, state and local government contracts are subject to complex rules and regulations, both at the procurement stage and throughout the performance of the contract. It is extremely important that government contractors comply in full with all regulations. We understand and provide guidance in the contracting process and, if a dispute arises with regard to the contract term or performance, we advise and represent clients in resolving those disputes.

Although we can provide government contracting counsel in virtually any area required by our clients, our advice typically includes the following industries: aerospace/defense, technology and intellectual property, environmental, energy, real estate, information technology and international manufacturing.

With respect to technology and intellectual property matters, the government contract context is sometimes more complex because of governmental regulations concerning the ownership and use of technology and data. We work with clients to ensure that the ownership and use of intellectual property are properly documented to avoid the risk of future disputes.